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Jam Services provides a wide range of products to meet your project needs. View some of our helpful product documentation that you can download directly from our own website, such as product cut-sheets, owners manuals, product brochures, guides, and much more. If you do not find the documentation you are looking for, please call us. Our friendly representatives are always ready to assist you in locating the product information you need.

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Temple R409

Temple's R409 illuminated overhead street name signs enhance visibility and legibility of street name signs for drivers.

Carmanah Solar Flashing LED Beacons

Carmanah is setting the standard when it comes to Pedestrian Safety.

Carmanah EverGEN Solar LED Lighting

Carmanah’s EverGEN lighting provides a compact, self-contained solar powered system that uses the suns energy to power outdoor lighting wherever you need it.

GE Lumination

Jam Services is proud to offer you the latest products in the new LED revolution.

Relume LED Street Lights

Relume’s own high performing insulate metal substrate allows a 200% to 400% increase in LED arrays luminous output.

Relume LED Retrofit Kits

Relume offers a plug-n-play LED panel to retrofit any existing fluorescent sign in minutes.

AxleLight Data Collection

The AxleLightTM laser sensor from Quixote Traffic Corporation is the newest device for vehicle data collection.

Sensys Wireless Vehicle Detection

The Sensys Wireless Vehicle Detection System (VDS) can lower the lifecycle costs associated with detecting traffic.

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