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Temple LED "Edge Lit" Street Name Signs


Temple's R409 LED illuminated street name signs enhance visibility and legibility of street name signs for drivers. They emit uniform illumination, and provide a high legend-background contrast ratio that optimizes sign visibility and legibility of street-name signs from a greater distance.

The Temple R409 LED illuminated street name sign consumed 90% less energy than a conventional fluorescent sign, providing significant energy cost savings. 50,000 hour maintenance free rating provides additional cost savings over traditional fluorescent street name signs which require annual relamping and maintenance.

Carmanah Solar LED Flashing Beacons


Carmanah is setting the standard when it comes to Pedestrian Safety. Carmanah’s Flashing Beacons integrate solar power with their patented Energy Management System, and are designed to operate reliably with no scheduled maintenance for up to 5 years.

Carmanahs Compact Solar Technology is also setting the standards when it comes to providing a Green Solution for your Pedestrian Safety Needs. Carmanah’s broad offering of Solar Powered Beacons provide Pedestrian Safety at School Zones, and Mid-Block Crossings. The R247C provides an integrated compact solution for applications where extra driver attention is desired.

Carmanah EverGEN Solar LED Area Lighting


Carmanah solar area lighting solutions are boldly turning yesterday’s imagination into today’s reality.

Carmanah’s EverGEN lighting provides a compact, self-contained solar powered system that uses the suns energy to power outdoor lighting wherever you need it. Unlike other solar-powered systems, the EverGEN solar engine is completely self-contained, with all the components integrated within a sleek, compact and durable pole-mounted design.

Carmanah i-STOP Solar Powered Transit Stop


The i-STOP transit stop provides a flashing signal light, security lighting, and schedule illumination — all in a durable, attractive, stand-alone device. Ideal for areas where grid-based power is unavailable or just too costly to access, the i-STOP transit stop requires no electrical hook up – gathering all its power from the free, renewable energy of the sun.

Rider pass-by’s are the number one complaint reported by many transit authorities. To help address these problems, Carmanah introduced the i-STOP solar-powered transit stop. The i-STOP provides a flashing signal light, security lighting, and scheduled illumination - all in a durable stand alone device.

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